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If I can tear myself away long enough, I enjoy watching films/TV shows and reading and I never go without music.

Work takes up most of my time, so I am no longer as active as I once was or wish to be. Sorry guys but I still try to pop by when I can.


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B.A.P 2nd Adventure: Yongguk

Yongguk is so happy to be on the big screen


Taeyang for GQ Korea

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Big Bang - To:ur Imagination CF

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ToDae | requested by slaveoflunacy

"At the start, I was a little afraid of him, but even though he was older than me, T.O.P san told me not to bother about the age and that it is fine to talk to him without any formalities. Then I thought that he was really a gentle person and I got deeply touched." - Daesung

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To people who followed me for one specific fandom, I am soso sorry