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When I have the time, I enjoy listening to music, reading and watching films/TV, which means this a multi-fandom blog.

Work takes up a huge chunk of my time so unfortunately I am no longer as active as I was before. I do however try to add a queue when I have the time. Being an adult sucks.
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Hey guys there’s a photo going around that’s been photoshopped of Emma Watson. It has the caption “Emma Watson’s response to threat leaks” like it’s really gross that someone made that and let’s not circulate it when it’s gross. I didn’t realize it was an old photoshoot either until I googled it but just so you know. If you see it don’t reblog an spread this along please just so people know. Let’s not disrespect her when it wasn’t her choice or real, whoever made that is disgusting and people should be aware of that.





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[141018 Lotte 팬미팅] ©daesungX1122
[141018 Lotte 팬미팅] ©daesungX1122
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Eyes, Nose, Lips — Taeyang vs. Yoo Jae Suk

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[141019] ©유토피아 UT.O.PIA & HIGHLITE
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141018 Daesung @ Big Bang’s Fan Meeting in Seoul [fanaccounts]source: stated on picturestrans: susifg


141018 Daesung @ Big Bang’s Fan Meeting in Seoul [fanaccounts]
source: stated on pictures
trans: susifg
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❝the glass bottle that shatters into pieces with a loud noise, is that how we are?

and now, it’s as if we’re needles on a clock that reads 12:30

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